How Do I Prevent White Spots from Braces? 

When it comes to the end of your orthodontic treatment, the excitement of getting your braces off is all you can think about. On this big day, you expect to see a bright, beautiful smile, free of white spots. 

At Coastal Family Orthodontics, our smile experts know how to help you prevent the development of white spots during your treatment and get you the results you want. White spots may be caused by a number of reasons, and there are multiple ways to avoid them. Our talented orthodontists will have you leaving our office with the smile of your dreams! 

What Causes White Spots to Form? 

White spots are caused by mineral loss underneath the enamel of the tooth. The mineral loss can be caused by bacteria or the presence of sugar and acid breaking down your enamel.  

Brackets and bands can cause more hiding places for sugar, acid, and bacteria to get trapped. When these are regularly missed, white spots and/or tooth decay can form. Traditional metal braces are a great way to get the smile of your dreams, but to achieve your desired result, brushing and flossing regularly to eliminate bacterial plaque and white spots is key! 

How Can I Avoid Getting White Spots? 

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, it is important to continue seeing your dentist for regular cleanings. No matter what type of braces you have, your dentist will be able to clean around metal brackets or ceramic braces to help you have a healthy smile while your braces work to straighten your teeth. 

In addition to getting regular cleanings, you can lower your risk of getting white spots by decreasing your intake of highly acidic and sugary food and drinks. Stay away from sports drinks like Gatorade, energy drinks, and carbonated drinks to cut down on the amount of sugar and acid hanging around in the mouth. Following eating or drinking, use a fluoride mouth rinse to remove food particles and sugar to keep your smile clean and healthy. 

For at home dental care, invest in tools, such as a water flosser or an electric toothbrush. These tools will make it easier to maneuver around your braces to get a deeper clean and remove buildup in between regular cleanings. Also, incorporate fluoridated toothpaste into your dental health routine to keep your tooth enamel strong.  

How Can I Remove My White Spots? 

If you get your braces removed and white spots are present, don’t worry, there are a few ways to treat white spots and get your smile back to its optimal state. 

  • Remineralization: Remineralization is a treatment involving the application of a cream containing the minerals lost in the enamel. This treatment usually works quickly and effectively for patients. 
  • Dental Veneers: Dental veneers are a permanent fix for severe discoloration or white spots. Dental veneers are placed directly on your permanent teeth and are customized for the patient in a lab. Your dentists may only recommend veneers for severe cases and may suggest dental bonding for milder cases. 
  • Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is a chemical treatment done in the office to treat mild white spots. This simple treatment can work quickly and easily for most patients. Not only can it fix white spots, but it can also brighten your entire smile. 
  • Microabrasion: In some cases, your dentist can carefully buff away a white spot through a treatment called microabrasion. Once your dentist buffs out the white spots, they will apply a strengthening agent to condition the tooth after application. Depending on how well your teeth absorb the strengthening agent, you should see a noticeable difference in the discoloration of your teeth.  

If You Have More Questions About White Spots, Call Today! 

At Coastal Family Orthodontics, our team is here to help you with all of your smile needs! If you have questions about white spots on your teeth or how to avoid them while wearing braces, contact one of our 9 convenient locations today! 

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